The World of MaiLi, award-winning* HA fillers

Welcome to the world of MaiLi, award-winning*, advanced hyaluronic acid fillers that deliver long-lasting, natural-looking results using minimum product.


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Explore and choose the best treatment with MaiLi innovative hyaluronic acid fillers through this treatment planner feature. This tool will help you in finding the right dermal filler treatment and finding the nearest MaiLi physician on clinic finder. Get your tailored plan in your inbox in just a few clicks!

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Maili Treatment Planner Hyaluronic Acid

A True Expression Of Scientific Artistry

Attention to detail and refinement are at the heart of what we do. We’ll help you to radiate the confidence that comes from knowing you look and feel your best. MaiLi HA dermal filler treatments are only available at our exclusive Centres of Excellence, where you’ll be treated by highly qualified practitioners.

Harmonise your reflection

Why Choose MaiLi
Actual patient, individual results may vary.
Harmonise Your Reflection

Reverse the signs of ageing

More real results
Actual patient, individual results may vary.
Reverse The Sign Of Ageing

MaiLi's portfolio

Experience supple projection power, elasticity and longevity fused within MaiLi’s four expertly crafted HA gels, each fine-tuned to reshape, refine and enhance every area of the face, while integrating lidocaine for a more comfortable experience.

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Less filler** means more fullness and flexibility

Supreme Supple



Luxurious Crafted
Timeless Radiance


A breakthrough in HA beauty

Each of our MaiLi hyaluronic acid filler treatments is bespoke. So whether you want to smooth over wrinkles and lines, add volume and definition, or leave your skin looking great, we’ll have a treatment for you. Choose MaiLi for the ultimate aesthetic treatment to leave you feeling glowing and empowered.

Actual patient, individual results may vary

Why Choose MaiLi
A Breakthrough In HA Beauty
I quickly noticed significant but delicate improvements, and the treatment has improved the areas that bothered me. This has been a game changer for me and something I now wouldn’t want to live without.
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*Pioneering and innovation category winner; Digital awareness, influence & outreach category winner; Safety in Beauty Diamond Awards 2023.
**Clinical investigation 17E1176: in comparison to Juvederm® Voluma, 24% less product of MaiLi Extreme was injected for the same results in the treatment of the cheek area.


CE 2797: MaiLi devices are intended for the correction of facial wrinkles or folds, for the definition or enhancement of the lips, and for the restoration or enhancement of facial volume. MaiLi is also indicated for scar tissue treatment and volume lost by HIV-associated lipoatrophy.

Important Safety Considerations:

Like all procedures of this type there is a possibility of adverse events, although not everybody experiences them. These adverse events include but are not limited to infection, minimal acute inflammatory tissue reaction (redness, swelling, rash, oedema, erythema, lumps/nodules etc.), pain (which may be temporary or persistent in nature), transient haematoma or bruising. For a full list consult Instructions for Use.

The onset of any side effect must be reported immediately. Please contact the local Sinclair representative or authorised MaiLi distributor. Alternatively send the details to Sinclair on: quality@sinclair.com

For a full list of contraindications, warnings and precautions for this product please refer to the Product Instructions for Use.